Personal Savings

Do you have “Credit Card Creep”? You’re not alone and it’s costing you way too much. The smart answer is a State Bank of Pearl City savings account to help you plan for large purchases like a nice vacation or that SUV you’ve been eyeing.

You want big-bank interest rates with great small town customer service? The State Bank of Pearl City and Mount Carroll Banking Center has some cool savings options to put your goals within reach.

SBPC Passbook Savings Account

Your Interest is compounded on principal and accumulated interest — paid out semi-annually. You have 24-hour access to your funds for transfer to checking, for example, either online or by phone.

Smart Start Savers

Begin with a minimum deposit of $5. Interest is also compounded and paid semi-annually. Just as in SBPC Passbook Savings, your funds are available for transfer online or by phone.

SBPC Christmas Club Account

Open your account for the next calendar year during the October-December time period of this year. Make a minimum deposit of $5 and minimum weekly deposits of $5. BONUS! Make 49 consecutive, on-time deposits of same amount and we’ll make the 50th final deposit for you! You choose the deposit amount within limits we may set.